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Local Walks
- and some a bit further afield.



A Few Walks around Talaton - leaflet for these including sketch map is available in the Village shop or contact Chris Harwood.

 "Great Walks in East Devon "  and "More Great Walks in East Devon " by Chris Harwood are available in the Village Shop, Whimple Stores and the Curious Otter Bookshop in Ottery St Mary at £6.


In the present bizarre circumstances a few walks starting from the village might be useful. Don't be put off by distances - remember you are doing nearly three miles just plodding around the block ! In the main walks list below there are a few too now marked with a V that start from the village.




 Viral Walk 6 - A Stroll from Talaton to Colestocks and Back


 colestocks walk



From the Community Shop in Talaton stroll up the gentle hill to Bittery Cross. Straight over here, with a bit of care of the odd speeding vehicle, and now wander pleasantly down Talewater Hill. Pass Half-Moon Farm on your right and very soon at Talewater Cross move left on the Payhembury road. It looks like a hill but really it’s a very gentle slope up to Crowder’s Cross. Straight over here and very soon arrive at a junction in Colestocks.

Turn right and in a few yards find the Public Footpath off right. Pass through the huge fir! Yes, the footpath involves climbing between the giant trunks of the fir. Easy. Move through the grounds of Colestocks House to a stile and from here move slightly diagonally right to another stile. Keep your eyes open now, obviously, but take a moment to look around at views you just don’t see from the road. Magic. Over this stile and amble across a large open grassland to another stile below a small Oak. At the time of writing this field is a blaze of colour with dandelions. Walk ahead following the hedge on your left to eventually meet a quiet lane.

Left for a few yards to find Sherwood Farm and here take the Public Footpath right beside the farm. This is a dream of a wide well maintained footpath, again with wonderful views, that passes over the Waterloo rail line on an old vegetated brick bridge. Passing beside a cottage and group of farm type buildings find the gate out on to the Feniton – Talaton road. You could cross the road on to a great Public Footpath leading to Escot Estate but maybe for now turn right and staying on the road come back to Half Moon Farm in Talewater. Left here and take your time to wander up Back Road to Beacon Cross and then back to Talaton.


 Viral Walk 5 - A Stroll from Talaton to Tale on Lanes




 Leave Talaton on the road to Bittery Cross. Here, move left on the Plymtree / Cullompton road – avoiding the potholes if possible – and pass Blue Anchor and the turning to Payhembury. Bear left at Tale Common Head Cross and now take it slowly to soak up the views, the avenued lane, the flowers and just about everything that a rural lane could offer. Oh, yes, at the moment a real lack of traffic as well. Wonderful. There are one or two bizarre property developments lurking in the hedgerow and goodness only knows how they squeezed through the planning process.

Look for and pass the commemorative plinth on a corner and then soon after passing a barn conversion complex on the left take the Clyst Hydon road off left. You are now on another incredible country lane, in fact, just over a mile of hedgerows, wild flowers ( ten different ones at the time of writing ),and not a hill in sight. Eventually, at Marsh Cross and the Clyst Hydon Village sign, turn left and wander slowly back to Talaton. About 5.2 Miles.


 Viral Walk 4 - A Wandering Walk to Whimple and Back

 old shelter  rooks

Leave Talaton on the Fairmile Road and at Beacon Cross , turn right and amble gently uphill before dropping down to Larkbeare Cross. Bear right and in the season see the fields of yellow Oil Seed Rape –probably only of interest to a beekeeper ! Pass Larkbeare Grange where again in the season see the lovely avenue of blossom, before moving uphill to Holly Ball Cross. Maybe take a moment to note the primroses, incredible views and sunlight sneaking through the trees. Onwards uphill – count your steps in 100’s, it really makes the hill easier. Pass the ageing shelter on your left and arrive at Whimple Wood junction beside the letter box.

Right here into Woodhayes Lane and now enjoy the long steady downhill, passing Cotley Farm with its intriguing old corn grinder (?) and old cart. Soon you will pass Down House but note the wonderful looking track beside the entrance. It is actually a Public Right of Way and what a dream it is. The drawback is a large muddy puddle in wet weather which is difficult to negotiate. Maybe another dry day walk.

Onwards , passing Lilypond Lane and down to Aller Grove where you turn right into Grove Road. Soon, after Aller Grove Cottages, and on the bend take the Publ;ic Footpath right over the stile. Over the open field to another stile and thin wooden bridge. Now, potter over the large open field – wee bit of wet in the middle- to find the gate exiting on to Lilypond Lane. Left down the road to the railway bridge then right on to the Talaton Road and homeward bound.



 Viral Walk 3 - Very Local From the Moor to Rydon and back to the Church 

 Another No Drive, Walk from the Village and Use of Your Public Rights of Way. 

See this walk No.3 in the “Walks in Talaton” booklet available in the Community Shop or on Line on the Village web site. It’s only about 2.5 miles but see below also for somewhat longer walks, many of which start from the village.

Start from the Talaton Inn car park and walk out of the car park to the right as far as the Village Hall. Opposite the Hall move left up beside the Moor (The Village Green) on what was once Rosemary Lane. At the top bear right beside the detached Moor Cottage and, passing through the metal kissing gate move diagonally across the field aiming for the huge oaks in the distance. En route you will pass through another couple of kissing gates (and possibly pass a few inquisitive horses) to arrive at the oaks. Here, yes another kissing gate, move into an open field and follow the hedge on your right. Don’t take the first gateway on your right (Historically this was known as the Orchard) but carry on to the corner of the field and pass through a pair of kissing gates. (Huge opportunities on this walk!) . Move left for a short distance beside the hedge but at the corner branch off diagonally right over the open, possibly cultivated, field aiming for the farm buildings in the distance. Unfortunately, the farmer rarely re instates the footpath after cultivation but we can live in hope and plod over.

At the road and opposite Lashbrooke Farm buildings bear left up the hill to Bittery Cross. Straight across here for some few hundred yards looking for the Public Footpath sign in the dip and off to the left. Through the kissing gate, and downhill keeping the hedge on your right. Passing through two gates you will meet a track and with Harris’s farm on your right follow the track to where it meets a lane. Left, passing the historic old Manor on your left, the equally historic old school house on your right, and so back into the village. Alas, the dreaded virus has caused the temporary closure of the Talaton Inn but when the good times return then where better to finish your walk?


 Viral walk 2 - To Escot via Feniton and Back.

Chance of a lifetime - little traffic, no quad bikes, no Segways, no hills and beautiful views.  






Take the footpath signposted on the corner of the Moor, moving through the gate on the right of the detached cottage at the top of the lane. Move diagonally across the field via three metal kissing gates – and probably a number of very inquisitive horses. At the large Oak, pass through the final gate and follow the hedge on your right to the far side of the field (Don't take the first open gateway) and here move through a pair of gates into open land. Aim diagonally right over the open field towards the farm buildings. Could be a bit rough,the field having just been ploughed and the path is not always re instated as it should be following cultivation.Fear not - plod across it , exiting on to the road. Here, turn right downhill and over the railway bridge. At the crossroads, left and follow Back Lane all the way down to Half Moon Farm passing beautiful old beech trees and passing over the London Waterloo railway line on an old brick bridge.

Right at the farm, passing over the River Tale – just could be otters around and who knows, maybe a beaver, – and on towards Feniton. Again, over the railway and after a couple of hundred yards look for the metal gate on the right, beside the house on the corner of the lane to the right, and on to a footpath. Follow the hedge on your left to a stile and then follow the clearly marked path left, following the hedge on your left, then right and then right again,passing the communications tower, still following the field edge. At a metal gate, left and follow the hedge on your left, ignoring the small wooden gate in the hedge, to a gate and fence. Move right down the field on this side of the fence. Worth looking around at the views over to Hembury Fort or just look at all the views. At the wooden stile, under a couple of firs, straight down to meet the concrete Escot Estate road. Right here to a Y - junction. Move right down to Clapperentale Farm and bearing right take the track over the mighty River Tale. Onwards and uphill on the good wide solid track to arrive close to the entrance to Escot estate. Right, and follow the path -NO QUAD BIKES, SEGWAYS, ROCKING HORSES, GO KARTS .... Wonderful ! - all the way to the Talaton Road. Left up the hill and back to the village. 


Viral Walk 1 - Black Aller Covert.




From opposite the Hall, take the Public Footpath up to Moor Cottage, bear right beside the now self-isolated camper van and through the metal kissing gate. Diagonally across the field aiming for the big solitary oak in the distance and passing through two more metal gates. At the Oak pass through another metal gate and follow the hedge on your right all along to the field corner. A pair of kissing gates ( not too long here !) and bear left for a short way to the corner. Diagonally right over the big open field towards the farm buildings and exit via a gate on to the road.

Right, over the railway bridge to the first junction, left and follow the road all the way to the bottom finding a Public Footpath off to the right via a metal gate. ( There was a time you could have ambled to here through the woods but alas now it's on the road).

Follow this footpath to the entrance to Escot Estate, having passed alongside open grassland, and here drop diagonally left down to the small gate and bridge over the River Tale. Up the track, through Clapperentale Farm and left along the estate road. Soon, look for the signed entrance to Black Aller Covert. Magic ! . In Bluebell time this will be a picture. Amble along here , bearing right at the corner to come to a small clearing and gates. Through the gate and bear right on to a good wide track. Follow this for some way and take the first well defined track down to the left. Follow this down , through a gate and curve right to exit on to the Estate road via a metal gate.

Left, passing the house on your right, and then take the small road from the right hand side of the Restaurant block. Up the hill, under the old brick bridge and out into open pasture. Follow the good track ahead - luckily during the crisis the activities of the quad bikes etc etc have ceased ! - and eventually meet the Talaton road . Left here on the old favorite up to Beacon Cross and home again to your splendid isolation.


 February 2021
 Colestocks to Hembury Fort
 colestocks cole cole
 Woodbury Workings
 woodbury workins woodbury working woodbury working
 June 2020
 The Hemyock Circle with the Wellington Monument
 February 2020
 The Gittisham round
 The Harpford Stroll
 September 2019
 Around Hartridge from Beacon
 August 2019
 Pixies Parlour from Ottery St Mary via Knightstone
 July 2019
 The Battlefields of Fenny Bridges
 April 2019
 A Walk to Core Hill from White Cross on East Hill Strips



 February 2019
 A Walk to Musbury Castle and back via Combpyne
 A Walk to Shute Hill Beacon House
 seaton junction   
 October 2018
 A Walk from Stockland with Ghosts and Quakers
 October 2018
 The Exmouth Circuit
 July 2018
 A Walk up and Along Pen Hill - A Sidbury Gem
 May 2018
 A Ramble to Black Aller Covert and Back to Cadhay Bridge
aller covert allaer covert aller covert 
 A Trip along the Coly
 March 2018
 Backwards to Birdcage via Cadhay          V   
 birdcage birdcage walkbirdcage wALK 
 November 2017
 A Potter around Broad Down , Near Farway
farway walk
 September 2017
 A Walk to Sidbury from East Hill including a Dynamic Ascent of Path Hill !
 Sidbury   sidbury   sidbury
 June 2017
 The Wiggaton Round
 May 2017
 The Colwell Circuit
 March 2017
 The Powderham Circuit
 powderham powderhampowderham 
 Feniton Circuit via Cheriton    V
 February 2017

Blackborough and Garnsey's Tower  

 blackboroughblackborough1 blackborough 
 January 2017

 The Weston Circuit

 weston1 weston2 weston3


December 2016
The Stowford Round with a wonderful trip down Back Lane.

A Very Short but great walk

stowford round
November 2016
A Walk from Broadclyst to Killerton and Back via Poltimore
October 2016
A Circumnavigation of Hartridge via Luppitt, Upottery, Rawridge and Beacon
June 2016
A New Look at Cullompton from Russel Lane
cullompton walk
June 2016
Whimple to Langford Green Cross via Clyst Hydon and back
walk whimple walk whimple
March 2016
The Woodbury Common Tracks and Lanes
January 2016 - A Very Local walk. Revised March 2016
Talaton to Escot via Larkbeare and Return       V
beacon cross escot church old roman road
January 2016
A Walk From Kentisbeare to Birchen Tree Cross and Back along the River Ken

kentisbeare kentisbeare kentisbeare
June 2015
Awliscombe to Dunkeswell and back via Rhododendron Walk

April 2015
Colestocks to Hembury Fort and back by tracks and Lanes.
colestocks colest
February 2015
A Circular Walk fro Broadhembury and Maybe a Glide 
broadhembury broadhembury broadhembury

From the Half-Way Inn to Aylesbeare and Back
Aylesbeare Aylesbeare Aylesbeare

A Lanes Walk from Talaton to Birdcage via Holly Ball and Return via the Park      V
holly ball hollyball1 hollyballwalk2

The Woodbury Lanes
woodbury walk1 woodbury2 woodbury3

Clyst Hydon to Langford Court and back via College Lane
walk 2014 walk 2014

A Round Trip From Paradise (Copse !)


One Keeper's Cottage to Another  - Gosford to Wiggaton and Back

Revised - March 2016

View from Fire Beacon Hill Sidmouth
fire beacon hill fire beacon hill firebeacon

Woodbury Common, Exmouth Triangle
woodbury walk woodbury common walk woodbury common walk

Branscombe to Beer and Return - by a roundabout and Varied Route.
branscombe to beer branscombe to beer walk branscombe to beer

Broadclyst to Killerton with a pram or a bike

broadclyst to killerton walk broadclyst to killerton walk
Walk 1
Dalwood and Danes Hill from Kilmington - and only one hill!
Walk 2
Blackbury Camp to Harcombe and Buckton Hill - and back by either a short or longer route.
Walk 3
A Lanes Walk from Talaton to Payhembury and Back     V



Walk 4
The Tipton Circuit

Walk 5
A Level Walk from Budleigh Salterton to Exmouth and returning via the old railway cycle trail.

budleigh to exmouthbudleigh to exmouthbudleigh to exmouth
Walk 6
The Venn Ottery Circuit 
Walk 7
Birdcage to West Hill and Back      V
Walk 8
The Naps Lane Circuit Revised December 2016
Walk 9

The Fluxton Lanes Revised February 2017

Walk 10
Dumpdon Hill and (Optionally !) Hartridge.
Dumpdon Hill Dumpdon Hill Dumpdon Hill
Walk 11
Criss-Crossing the Clyst    V
Criss-Crossing the Clyst Criss-Crossing the Clyst Criss-Crossing the Clyst
Walk 12
Budleigh to Otterton and back via the Hibernaculum
Budleigh to Otterton and back via the Hibernaculum Budleigh to Otterton and back via the Hibernaculum Budleigh to Otterton and back via the Hibernaculum
Walk 13
Exmoor - Tarr Steps to Withypool and back
Exmoor - Tarr Steps to Withypool and back Exmoor - Tarr Steps to Withypool and back Exmoor - Tarr Steps to Withypool and back
Walk 14
Fenny Bridges to Chineway Hill and back by a Different Route
Fenny Bridges to Chineway Hill and back by a Different Route Fenny Bridges to Chineway Hill and back by a Different Route Fenny Bridges to Chineway Hill and back by a Different Route
Walk 15
Cadhay Bridge Nr Ottery St Mary and back again. A Very short walk   V
Cadhay Bridge Nr Ottery St Mary and back again. A Very short walk. Cadhay Bridge Nr Ottery St Mary and back again. A Very short walk. Cadhay Bridge Nr Ottery St Mary and back again. A Very short walk.
Walk 16
Clyst Hydon from Whimple
Clyst Hydon from Whimple Clyst Hydon from Whimple Clyst Hydon from Whimple
Walk 17
Local Walk from Talaton To Feniton via Escot and back
Local Walk from Talaton To Feniton via Escot and back Local Walk from Talaton To Feniton via Escot and back Local Walk from Talaton To Feniton via Escot and back
Walk 18
The Budleigh to Yettington Round
The Budleigh to Yettington Round The Budleigh to Yettington Round The Budleigh to Yettington Round
Walk 19
The Doone Valley, Exmoor
The Doone Valley, Exmoor The Doone Valley, Exmoor The Doone Valley, Exmoor




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