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 The Village Shop  

Talaton, Exeter EX5 2RQ 

 Tel: 01404 822084


Talaton Village Shop is operated by Talaton Community Shop Limited 

email us at 

Bread: A new local supplier means fresh bread is on sale every day - no need to rummage in the freezer any more!


Fruit & Veg:is now displayed in a dedicated fridge inside the shop in addition to the wonderful outdoor display



  • MONDAY - FRIDAY 9am - 6pm
  • SATURDAY 9am - 1pm
  • SUNDAY 10am - 12 noon           
                                           village shop
Mike Waldron, Pip Davies behind the counter and Peppi Shaw on a spending spree in the Village Shop




  • MONDAY          9am - 1pm              2pm - 5pm
  • WEDNESDAY   9am - 12.30pm
  • FRIDAY             9am - 12.30pm


The Village Shop is ideally situated in the centre of the village, meeting the needs of both residents and visitors. A typical village shop you may say. Well, not exactly…

Our shop is owned by the members, staffed by volunteers and managed by committee

In addition to the usual groceries & provisions, household goods, stationery & confectionery, customers can also take advantage of the HOME GROWN or HOME MADE produce that members sell through the shop, such as:-



  • Fruit & veg
  • Plants & flowers
  • Free range eggs
  • Cakes, Scones
  • Marmalade, jam, honey & chutney
  • Greeting cards
  • A fantastic range of craft work & gifts
  • Post Office 
  • Off-licence
  • Newspapers & Magazines (to order)
  • Postage Stamps (when PO is closed)
  • Hot Drinks available
  • Box Office for local events
  • Food Bank 


 25th Silver Anniversary of Creation of the Community Shop Celebrated on 22nd February 2019

Many many thanks to Trish Lenehan, shop manager and human dynamo, and the vast array of marvellous voluntary helpers without who we would have no shop.

Here are a few pictures that go some way to recording a great celebration of a great event and milestone. Wonderfully arranged and wonderful catering by the Talaton Inn.


Please Support Your Shop 






 John Carter, founder member and driving force for creation of the Community Shop











 Pat Rice, Original Shop planning manager




 Wonderful buffet in the Talaton Inn



Newspapers & Magazines

Can be ordered for collection from the shop, even on Bank Holidays when the shop is closed.

Just call into the shop to complete an order form, or call us or email see above for details Temporary orders from visitors can be catered for so please get in touch with us

There is a small monthly on-cost fee of £1 for up to 3 publications per week and £2 per month for more than 3

publications per week

Please get in touch with suggestions of how the shop can help to reduce the use of plastic or increase recycling. 

 Please get in touch with suggestions of how the shop can help to reduce the use of plastic or increase recycling.




Village ShopComing to stay in Talaton? Why not save space in the car by ordering all, or some of your shopping with us in advance? No minimum order or "starter pack" - just tell us what you want and we can get it. Collection from the shop or free delivery. Contact us at or Tel 01404 822084 to place your order.

A few days notice is all we require, however, please give a minimum of 2 weeks notice for large orders that may include goods we don't normally stock.

All orders will be acknowledged and collection / delivery arrangements confirmed.

Fabulous Fruit & Veg is on sale from the outdoor display area and from the fridge inside. Take a look at the fantastic quality and great prices!

Or if you prefer, place your order by 3pm on Thursday for delivery the next day. It will be available to collect after 12 noon on Friday

Customer Recommendation for

Black Bin Bags -10 for £1.75

“they are top quality and really strong”

It’s great to hear praise from a satisfied customer for one of our top selling lines. Forget the flimsy bags sold on a roll - these are the real deal!




Beautiful Days 2018

Your Shop at the Show





 The Shop at the Beautiful Days Music Festival 2017


Once again the Shop was invited to be at the Beautiful Days Music Festival in Escot park and it was a huge success, in no small part due to the wonderful voluntary helpers. The annual event brings much needed funds to the shop - probably quite a lot of fun for the helpers too ! Huge thanks are deserved by all those who help in this annual visit to the show. 

Main Picture on the Home Page but here are a few more 

                                       escot 2017


 escot 2017                                      escot 2017






        Beautiful Days 2016

 Pictures of Your Shop at the Show














First Customers of the Day !










Registered Address: The Village Shop, Talaton, Exeter, EX5 2RQ 


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