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 Updated  March 2020

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 Chopper over the Otter, March 2020







 The Rains of February 2020 - Cadhay Bridge. (We still got off very lightly if you ask them in Yorkshire ! )




 Talaton Annual Carol Service 2019



 Winner of the Grand Draw Pam Weston Switches On !













 Pictures fro the Village BBQ 2019





Picture kindly submitted by Roberta Gillam













 Picture submitted by Roberta Gillam










 Pictures from Open Gardens weekend 2019


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 The Lady in Pink who Organised it all.




September 24th 2018 - Pictures from Alan and Liz Franklin, 

Visitors Approaching ! 



 Visitors Staying !






Talaton Annual Village Church Outing 2018



 tuckers Hall

 Tuckers Hall, Exeter.


 tuck hall

 Window feature, Tuckers Hall, Exeter


 tucke hall

 Tuckers Hall, Exeter




 St Nicholas priory, Exeter



 St Nicholas Priory, Exeter



 St Nicholas priory, Exeter



   Feeding Time at the World of Country Life, Exmouth. Tickets on this train were quite deer !




 Incredible Collection of All Vehicles, Exmouth World of Country Life



 Bickham House, Kenn


 Bickham House, Kenn





Beautiful Days 2018 


 beut days 18






 beaut days

 The First Customers of Many









 Young Thrushes June 2018



 lime gall


 Lime Nail Gall

Microscopic mites (less than 0.2 mm long) feed on the foliage of Lime Trees - huge one on the Moor - where they suck the sap and secrete chemicals into the plant tissue. This causes the leaves to produce galls. 





 The Snows of March 2018


 snow escot 2018





 cow inj snow










beacon cross

Beacon Cross 


escot church

 Escot Church


 Talaton House



 Talaton Allotments - You would think someone would be out weeding !


ivy cottages


 Ivy Cottages

  marian pascoe 

 Maria - can't come out, not fully dressed. Marian on guard against horse thieves. Jim and Rob checking up on the oldies !





Photos Taken at

Church BBQ 2017






















 Copies of BBQ Pictures available from Chris Harwood









Autumn Colours 


autumn colours






autumn colours



autumn colours




vals wrens



 Baby Wrens Nesting - Thanks to Val Peterson for this.






 These Local Squirrels get more brazen every day !







  April 2016   Picture submitted by Donald Stocking



 April 2016 Picture submitted by Val Peterson - Not too sure about this one !!!!!!



 September 2015

 Another lovely picture from Val Peterson - flowers grown from pack of wild flower seeds in May and still flowering. Sorry, but limitations of the web site won't allow bigger clearer picture but many thanks , Val


 Shared Housing - Wasp's nest ? Bird's nest ? Photo from Val Peterson.

Open Gardens 2015
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First, a few from Bobbie Potter,



  Now - Please let's have some more ?????


November 2014

A selection of pictures from Mike Waldron- a selection of these will appear individually on the Home Page and gloss finish copies at A4 and 6" x 4" sizes are available from Mike..

 0005 0002   0027
 0008  0029  0036
 0010  0006  0007

 0017  0020 


An Early -or is it Late Lupin. Val Peterson Nov 2014 







Picture submitted by Val Peterson 14/3/14