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 Talaton Clay Shoot

Talaton has its very own Clay Pigeon Shoot, run by villagers on a not-for-profit basis. We have our own field on the edge of the village and usually meet on the first Saturday morning of every month.

It's a small, informal and friendly club where all ages, men and women, are welcome. Annual membership costs £40 for those lucky enough to be under 25 years old and £80 for those over 25. This includes the provision of personal liability insurance through the Countryside Alliance. 

We shoot 40 clays each which costs £5 per person, plus the cost of cartridges which are £10 for 50, these can be provided or of course you can bring your own.

We abide by strict safety rules that are made clear to all at the shoot. We also follow the Code of Good Shooting practise, as supported by the Countryside Alliance and the BASC, and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (links below). 

So if you'd like to join or just come along and give it a go, with no pressure to sign up, contact Phil Moir (01404 822523), Gordon Pring (01404 823222) or Geoff Bowden (07709 213853) and they will be happy to help.

Covid-19 update

A risk assessment has been completed and a copy is attached. This has led to the need to change many of our working practices to ensure we comply with government guidelines and for the safety of all our members and guests. These requirements will be displayed clearly at the club and a copy is attached. It is incumbent on all members to be aware of these requirements and abide by them at all times. 

Following the lifting of lockdown restrictions the club is restarting shoots on Saturday 3 April. To make up for the lost shoots we will then have two meetings a month on the first and third Saturdays until further notice.

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