Robot Club

Updated 10th December 2018

 A Day at the Races - December 7th 2018


For those, like you, who couldn’t come I hope I am reflecting everyone else's opinion when I say we had a really nice day out. The reduced admission for club members (only £5 each!) meant we all had plenty of money for good food and a couple of beers up there. We all had a bet - some more successfully than others. Next time I am just going to back whatever Dusty is on! We were lucky with the weather too - more bright sunshine than the occasional shower.













How Betting Works !


You choose a horse. Then you visit a bookmaker and give him some money. In return he gives you a ticket with an alluring statement of how much money you are about to win. Then the race is run. THEN this is what you do with your ticket from the nice demonstrated by Nigel.    

 Unless you happen to be Dusty of course in which case you go and collect your winnings!