Robot Club

Updated  27th March 2021

 Retired Old Boys of Talaton

Chairman - Phil Moir,

Secretary - Andy Bratt

Treasurer - Gordon Pring

Feel free to contact one of the above if you would like to join the group.



 As with most things the ROBOTS have shut shop for the duration of the Viral interlude. The Chairman and Secretary will keep members posted by email or on this site. Take care, stay safe - and have a go at the quiz's ( What's the plural of Quiz??) AND...



MARCH 2021 



Retired Old Boys Of Talaton


Dark Horse shows Bottle at Cheltenham Gold Cup

Who would have thought that the respected ROBOT group had, amongst their midst, such a formidable punter? Well, in the recent Virtual Cheltenham Gold Cup races Steve Spratt leapt to the front to take first prize by judiciously betting a virtual £100 over the seven races on the final Friday to make an overall profit of nearly £200. He was presented with his prizes – a bottle of his choice and also the Dusty. ROBOTs will know what that is! We are not certain which of the two he gave to Pauline!



 robot race day


 Organiser Nigel James presenting Steve Spratt with his ill-gotten gains.

Many thanks are due to Nigel for organising a wonderful event in which fourteen of the ROBOT group participated. Fortunes fluctuated throughout the race but come the final race with Steve the winner, Rick, Gordon and Pete romped home in close contention.

Hopefully, these virtual events will soon be a thing of the past and the ROBOT band can again have their monthly feast at the Talaton Inn and who knows – maybe Steve will have his chance to really test his expertise live at Haldon?

Anyone interested in knowing more about the ROBOT group should contact Andy Bratt or Phil Moir





 ROBOT Walk - 18th August 2020

Tipton St John to Harpford via the old railway line and back along the Otter





















A Few great Pictures taken by Gordon  - not sure about the last one!






 This is NOT a group photograph !!




 Harpford Walk Link   Hit this link for walk details


Send in Your Photo



 Something for the Viral Interlude....


ROBOTS , Let's Have your pictures for the 



 First one in, Rick Spencer, with three great pictures summing up his ...

not sure if it's his priorities, lock down activities or just plain pleasures . probably all three.  Either way, lovely pictures.



 Buddy Walking


 rick granddaughter

 Enjoying the newest member of the family


 rick garden

 ........Oh, yes, the garden !


 More pics, this time from Andy. Great Pictures that mean a lot to him.



 Andy's paternal Grandfather - Andy in process of writing his biography


 taj mahal

Travel - a thing of the past ? .... the most wonderful place Andy has ever been lucky enough to visit


 andy silverstne

 Topical ! Silverstone 3 years running and Hamilton won all three !



 One or two from Chris -


 viral haircut

 The Viral Haircut - well, beard trim !



 So, you can do it. Let me have your pictures 








 ROBOT Photo Quiz


Come on you ROBOTS - let's have your pictures. Send them to Andy - showing you in a holiday mode and let your fellow ROBOTs guess the place. They will then be stored here for general merriment.  


 robot quiz

 Andy in Madagascar- he's the one on the right.



Rick in rickshaw - Thailand 



 robot quiz

 Chris in Atlas Mountains , Morocco. Ok, Sorry, not many clues. But if you look at the signpost down in the valley....,



 Phil - Australia, Hunter Valley. Looks very like a place for alcohol!!



 Richard - But Where ???? Now we know  - The middle of North Korea !!!!

and they allowed him out. 

  robot constitution

 Coming Events and Some Ideas

It has been agreed to produce a membership card providing a list of events for the forthcoming year 



 8th February 2020


 Exeter City FC v Stevenage
Final Score Exeter 2 - Stevenage 1


 15 members of Robots went to St James' Park, the home of Exeter City on Sat Feb 8th. We left early and embarked on a thorough tour of the Stadium and its history. Andy B led us as he is one of the team who regularly guide fans around.

We visited all of the Hospitality Areas and the Museum Room. Everywhere there are masses of photographs and other memorabilia. Football has been played at the Park for over 125 years and there is so much Club History; as well as all the stories of Devon families who have been involved with volunteering and supporting.

Do you know which team the mighty Brazil national team played in their first ever match? Do you know which Club in England has the largest "all standing" viewing bank? Can you name one of the very few football Clubs in the UK which is genuinely owned by its fans?

 We also visited the Boardroom, the Dressing Rooms, and the Security Centre. However what made this tour unique was that Gordon's son Clive (Head of Ground staff) gave us his own personal insights into his work and his facilities. Thankyou Clive for making the day special.

Afterwards we sat in the sun in "Red Square" eating and drinking until it was time for the match. A nervy affair with a number of missed chances, but City prevailed and hauled themselves back into third place in the League.




 Pete thinks he can recognise himself











exeter fc

 Up the Ladder to the Press Box - then the ladder is removed until after the game !


exe fc



exe fc

 Harry looking for his number


exeter fc

 Awaiting the Call


exe fc

 The less luxurious accommodation for Away Supporters


exe fc

 Head Groundsman Mike Pring Keeping it all together - it's a turf job !


exe fc









 Hungry business waiting for the start !







21st January 2020

 Exeter Races - Again ! Great weather this time though

What a marvellously fickle thing the British weather is. Robots went racing on 19th December on a day when the wind was so strong and squally that we all felt our bus being buffeted strongly as we laboured up Haldon Hill at about 20 mph! The rain was horizontal too so, upon arrival, we had all hunkered down in the steamy restaurant and pretty much stayed there until the racecourse authorities bowed to the inevitable and called the whole thing off after three races!

 However they issued us with complimentary tickets for Tues 21st January and 13 of the original 20 Robots had another go. This time the sky was blue from horizon to horizon and the sun shone benignly upon us. Indeed it shone so brightly that most of the races from 2.30 pm onwards had loads of jumps omitted as it was shining directly into the horses' and jockeys' eyes! Financially none of us made much money and this time there was no performance to merit the award of "A Dusty", but we all had a really nice outing on a gorgeous afternoon from a meteorological point of view.





















 Studying form



 Loser on the left -winner on the right !






 Cool down post race








19th December 2019

 Exeter Races





 Thurs 19th Dec 2019. Robot Chairman Phil Moir makes the first ever award of "A Dusty" to delighted member Rick Spencer for exemplary performance and conduct on a Club Outing. The "Dusty" will be recalled and then re-awarded by the Committee from time to time for acts of outstanding accomplishment.

A Note from the Organiser, Andy Bratt 

 A big thank you to all of you. No-one moaned or made me feel guilty for signing you up to the soggiest  venture ever! There were things to be thankful for - none of us were actually blown off the top of Haldon Hill and into the surrounding forest; None of us drowned; and the transport Nemo organised got us home safely before Talaton was marooned by floodwater. Oh and we did watch 3 races (on the Telly in the Bar - you didnt think any of us went outside did you?) Its the first time I've seen horses land after a fence and almost disappear into the muddy spray they generated on touchdown.

None of us made very much money - well most of us made NO money -because we didnt have Dusty's expertise on hand. However just 2 Robots made a profit from their two "competition bets". Pete Deacon was runner-up to win THE DUSTY trophy as top tipster on the day, and the Champion (with £35 back from £10 staked) was Rick Spencer.




 5th December 2019


Annual Christmas Meal at the Thirsty Farmer, Whimple. 


 robot meal 19


ropbot meal 19 


robot meal 19 


 robot meal


 robot meal

 robot meal

 robot meal

 robot meal


robot meal 19

 That's the third one, Terry !



 robot meal 19

 Just a few (Luckily) words from the Chairman


  Friends, Robots and Countrymen !



26th November 2019 

The excellently attended monthly lunchtime meeting of the Robots had a wonderful meal at the Talaton Inn and then listened to a recording of a talk given in 1983 by Jack Skinner - Talaton 60 years Ago. The tapes were made on an old cassette recorder but after some clean up work and good equipment provided by Nigel they made incredible listening. And we think we have it hard today !   


Chris Harwood holds a collection of old tape recordings, made on cassettes, given to him many years ago to hold as part of a village archive. The tapes were made by a local farmer, Jack Skinner , who originally lived in Lees Farm. Jack did a number of informal interviews with different groups of the "older" people of the village and recorded them on tape. Sadly, all these people including Jack have passed away but the tapes live on. One of the tapes was actually of a talk that Jack gave to the then Talaton WI entitled "Talaton 60 Years ago " That talk was given in 1983 so the tapes now represent an insight into village life over 90 years ago . 

Jack also produce a small book " Talaton - A Brief Look at Life in the Village from 1900 to 1960 ". This book was reprinted, and produced by Pat Rice retaining original text, in 2012 to commemorate the Queen;s Diamond Jubilee. 



original talaton book 

 Original Book produced by Jack Skinner 1993
"A Brief Look at Life in the Village from 1900 to 1960"

new talaton book 


 2nd Edition Published by Pat Rice 2012 to commemorate the Queen's Diamond jubilee


 This re print is available in the village shop and makes excellent reading





       Short Article from the October publication "Honiton and Village News" - a new free magazine available from Talaton Village Shop



Previous Events 

Sepember 24th 2019



Chairman's Report
- Must be looking at a heckler !




 Ah ! The Heckler .










 August 2019

 Beer Caves and Afterwards at the Fountain Head, Branscombe.

Wonderful day ! Really interesting , if somewhat chilly trip around the caves. wonderful history, an excellent guide and a very good meal and ale in the Fountain Head, Branscombe. The food was excellent, service great and the company ........well, you can't win them all ! No, great crowd supported the event which was planned and checked out by Gordon and Nemo. We are a wee bit worried as to how many venues they checked before finding this one but they were still standing and the choice was excellent.







 July 2019

 Village BBQ - We were there with Splat the Rat, Grab a Peg and Hoopla. Life and soul of the party











 June 2019

 Conducted tour of Ottery St Mary Church followed by meal in the Volunteer Inn, Ottery










May 14th 2019


Gentle Walk from Starcross to the Swan's Nest via the Turf Inn with an abundance of blue sky, sunshine and fresh air.

Wonderful walk along the estuary with a brief stop - ok, a couple of hours stop - at the Turf for small refreshment.

Magic !












 Just about sums it all up !



 First (Hopefully, of many !) Christmas Meal  Dec 18th 2018


















 A Day at the Races - December 7th 2018


For those, like you, who couldn’t come I hope I am reflecting everyone else's opinion when I say we had a really nice day out. The reduced admission for club members (only £5 each!) meant we all had plenty of money for good food and a couple of beers up there. We all had a bet - some more successfully than others. Next time I am just going to back whatever Dusty is on! We were lucky with the weather too - more bright sunshine than the occasional shower.













How Betting Works !


You choose a horse. Then you visit a bookmaker and give him some money. In return he gives you a ticket with an alluring statement of how much money you are about to win. Then the race is run. THEN this is what you do with your ticket from the nice demonstrated by Nigel.    

 Unless you happen to be Dusty of course in which case you go and collect your winnings!


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