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 Updated  9th January 2019
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Talaton Parish Hall and Villages in Action 


The Devil’s Violin 



Spellbinding storytellers perform their kaleidoscopic fairy tale. 

A young prince falls endlessly down through the darkness………….. In a field of poppies, a beautiful old woman is trapped in a cottage nestled in a huge claw…………….. Saddled horses stand frozen in a dripping grey landscape, their missing riders lost to The Land of No Return. 


Daniel Morden’s mesmeric tale of adversity and hope are accompanied by the strings of 

Oliver Wilson-Dickson (Violin) and Sarah Moody (Cello). 


 ‘A scintillating combination of music, sound and story’  –  The Times 


This is an evening not to miss! Tickets, limited to just 45 for this event are on sale from and telephone 0333 666 3366 from Saturday 5th January 2019. 


 Available in the Shop now






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Next Parish Council Drop-In


Next Drop In

2nd March 2019

 Further Sessions 7th September and 30th November


An opportunity to meet your council

This is a regular surgery held in the Hall for people to come along and have a drink and biscuit (or two !)

and talk about any problems that they would like the council to deal with.

Very few Parish Councils have this service so please use it.

Talaton Annual BBQ 2018

 "Here's to the Chefs, the Thirst Quenchers, the Stallholders, the Service Providers, the Crew, the Musicians and of course................the Lovely People of Talaton. Thank you one and all for making the Village BBQ  such a happy, fun-filled occasion. So good to see you all and hope to see you next year."

Sue Harwood 








 Honest, Guv, I gave you the right change .....







































 Food Bank


Please Note the following Notice has been received from the King's Centre Food Bank, Honiton who wish to thank Talaton People  for their generous donations to the Food Bank. Urgency and Needs vary and the note indicates what is now urgently needed.If you do feel able to spare something then the box is in the shop and your donation will be hugely appreciated .

Many thanks

Sue Harwood 

food bank 

Keep your tops on!


What do you do with lids, tops and caps? If you find yourself asking “Are they recyclable?”, “Which bin do they go in?” and “Am I doing it right?” then read on.

These common questions now have a simple answer – YES! They are all recyclable! Simply give the bottle or jar a rinse, squash plastic bottles, put the top back on and recycle as you normally would – even if it’s a metal lid on a glass jar.

Many people still remember the early days of recycling when plastic lids caused a problem due to being a different kind of plastic or being heavily dyed. Thankfully, technology has improved over the years and we no longer have this problem. Hurrah!

In fact, the recycling industry preference is now for lids to remain attached to bottles and jars. Lids and caps are small and light, so attaching them to larger items keeps them contained during the collection and sorting process and prevents them from jamming machinery. It also helps keep plastic bottles squashed, so reduces volume and creates more space in your recycling bin, bag or box and on the recycling collection vehicle. All in all, keeping your top on gets a big thumbs up all round and helps maintain Devon’s 55.7% recycling rate.

So, what happens to plastic bottles with lids?

Plastics are shredded, cleaned and passed through a Sink-Float tank which separates different types of plastic by density. HDPE plastic, such as lids and caps, will float whereas PET plastic, such as bottles, will sink. So simple, but very effective! The different plastics are then sold on to manufacturers who turn the plastic shreds into new products, such as garden furniture, fencing, polyester clothing and even new bottles.

And glass jars?

Similarly to plastic, glass is crushed and cleaned before it passes through a process to remove any plastic or metal lids and collars. Plastic and metal is recycled into new products and glass is recycled into new bottles and jars.

All local councils in Devon will collect your plastic bottles in your usual household recycling service. Don’t forget bottles from your bathroom too!

Most authorities will collect your glass bottles and jars, however for the few that don't you can take them to your local Recycling Bank or Household Waste Recycling Centre.

If you're not sure what authority you live in, visit to use the handy postcode locator tool.

For more information visit

(Keeping lids on plastic and glass bottles and jars is applicable to residents in Exeter, Mid Devon, North Devon, Torridge, South Hams, West Devon, Teignbridge and Torbay. East Devon residents can keep lids on plastic bottles and jars but must separate lids from glass jars)







 green clipping



Further information on the new service can be found on our website






“Villages in Action” and Devon Rural Touring is thrown a lifeline.

Following the closure of the Villages in Action offices last spring and the consequent redundancy of the staff, the board of Villages in Action has continued to meet and seek ways to preserve the vibrant, subsidised, professional rural touring scene in Devon. Successful discussions have taken place between the board of “Carn to Cove” (the Cornish rural touring scheme) and the Board of ViA. These discussions have led to the launching of a ‘Caretaker Spring Season’ of touring performing arts events, administered by the Carn to Cove office, in conjunctions with the previous ViA Administrator.

In the areas of Devon where District Councils were still supporting ViA rural touring, when the scheme was put ‘on hold’, there will continue to be an event subsidy. As East Devon District Council, along with West Devon and Teignbridge councils, were still providing financial support, venues such as ours will qualify for grant subsidy for the ‘Caretaker Spring Season’.

In this ‘Caretaker Spring Season’ we have taken the opportunity to move our programming into a new area of the performing arts that we have not so far catered for and thus we have booked a double bill of Modern Contemporary Dance and Physical Dance Theatre.

The first half of this exciting and innovative programme features three, fifteen minute solos by the dancer Crystal Zillwood. These dances, grouped under the heading “Spirals” and are entitled “Sleep”, “These Hands” and “Evolutio”. “Sleep” looks at the dance that is inherent within the movements of sleep, “These Hands” is choreographed to the recorded voices of workers on a Devon dairy farm and “Evolutio” looks at how, as human beings, we came to be and where we might be heading. The second half of this programme with “House of Strays Collective” builds upon the ideas within Zillwood’s last piece of work. This programme is called “Everything In Between” and uses Dance, Text and Live Music to explore the existence and nature of what constitutes ‘a lifetime’, the rules we make for ourselves and society and these influences upon subsequent generations.

Beyond this ‘Caretaker Season’ a successful joint funding application to the Arts Council will enable future collaboration between Devon and Cornwall rural touring administrations. Talaton Parish Hall, therefore, looks forward to being able to draw upon available subsidised tours from the future “Villages in Action” and “Carn to Cove” linked menus. As well as working from rural touring menus we will continue to directly book our own performers and build upon the successes that we have enjoyed this year as an independent promoting venue and to this end we have already made a number of self-promote bookings for the autumn. So, watch this space for some really exciting performing arts events in Talaton Parish Hall next year!






recycling info

 Click anywhere on this Notice about Recycling to open the entire document with full details of how to recycle nearly everything !



 NEW !!

  The Talaton Calendar is now on line. See the Talaton Calendar page in the menu on the left. Current and previous editions are available for viewing.





Have you seen...............the new Neighbourhood Watch Page ???

No ?

Have a look now. 


If you have not already asked to be part of the scheme just contact the person dealing with your part of the village and you can then be kept informed of what's going on in the area. 






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See the ENTERTAINMENT page now.......

Reports AND pictures of Villages in Action and other performances in Talaton in 2016 , 2017, 2018 AND reports and great Pictures from the  Incredible Community Theatre 4All Godspell Performance.

Hit the link now ! 


See Village Day page for historic pictures of Talaton Village Day this year and for years gone by.




Folk Music Night

                                    At the Talaton Inn from 7 to 10.30pm........


......... every third Sunday of the month

                                 Come along and join in


Singers and Players all welcome....


or just come and enjoy a drink and simply listen .


Allotment News !

If you are interested in having an allotment......


An opportunity to grow your own - and a bit for someone else

Contact the Clerk now

See Pictures of the2014 and 2015 and 2016 and 2017 and 2018 How Do Y' Do

On the Parish Hall Page


There are now a limited number of filled sandbags available for those not able to fill their own but if you are at all able to fill your own then there are ample empty bags available.

Contact Chris Harwood  Tel: 822143


Have a look at the Useful Links and Telephone Numbers page - new link to an EDDC Town and Parish Council web site which may be useful.



There is now a new police web site for the reporting of lost property. It means that police all over the country will have access to it , and hopefully, look out for the property in question.

The site is 

  Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures !

Has anyone a picture they want put on the web-site pictures page ? Time for some new ones - Pics of the Village, family, flowers, birds , beavers, gorillas -anything that will make a good picture. The Home page will feature a new photograph at regular intervals and a reference will be provided for those who would like a copy. Email your pictures to Chris Harwood.

New Walk on the Walks Page - Come on , you can do it !


Don't forget the footpath leaflets on sale in the shop - Walks around Talaton area plus a map.



Some Great New Pictures on the Village Pictures Page

but more  urgently needed.

- Nikon, Box or pin-hole , just send them in.


             Mobile Library

There is something for everyone!

Our fleet of 8 mobile libraries visits over 500 locations in communities across Devon giving access to books, audio books, Large Print and DVDs to people who cannot easily reach one of our 50 static libraries.

Membership is FREE, no ID needed. Join at any age – babies too!

There is no charge for borrowing books, and there’s a great choice.

You may hire a DVD from as little as £1 for a fortnight.

Non-fiction books, Large Print, and children’s books can be reserved FREE.

You can even reserve books online, and collect them from the mobile library.

Children have extra fun joining the Book Track and Summer Reading Challenge.

There is something to offer everyone on board so why not hop on and take a look?"

Love reading but you can’t get to your library?

The Home Library Service can bring books and CDs to your door for FREE.
If you’re not able to come to the library, or not able to carry your items, the Home Library Service can deliver books to you!

The service provides:

Free delivery and collection at flexible times

A wide choice of titles

Large print books, audio books and CDs

Free reservations

No fines

Items are delivered by trained and security-checked volunteers from WRVS who will treat your confidentiality as a priority.For more information phone 0845 155 1001
Or email


USEFUL INFORMATION available on leaflets held by Parish Council Clerk

The Food Bank - The King's Centre , Honiton . Open Tuesday and Friday 1:00 pm to 3pm. Call 07907 232076

If You Are A Carer... Devon Carers can help. Call 08456 434 435. A free service.

Transport for Your Community. It's for people in a rural community who may live miles from nearest bus route, or unable to afford taxis, or physically incapable of using public transport. Call 01392 382123 or email




Jogging looks so painful -Walking is wonderful !!

Fight the Flab ......Breath the Air.........Move the Legs......Turn Off the TV 

Make It the Year of the Walk ! 

Let 2017 be the Year of the Walk. Go to the Village Walks page for more information

Useful Links and Telephone Numbers - hit this link

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