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On this page you will find a statement of purpose, a map showing the areas we cover, points of contact, links to useful websites and details of the latest parish wide appeals we have made.

Our aim is to provide support to our community, helping one another stay safe and to ensure Talaton remains an extremely low crime area. With police resources so thinly spread, we believe with everyone looking out for one another we may be able to prevent repeat incidents.

Below is a map which should help you identify who is co-ordinating your part of the parish, they are your first port of call. If you farm anywhere within the parish you have a dedicated co-ordinator.




The current list of co-ordinators is

Andrea Down   Farm co-ordinator   Tel 01404 823 042

Jan/Andy May   Central    Talaton Inn to Harris Farm, up to The Forge House and back to the Inn   Tel 01404 822 526

Steve Spratt   Woodmans Orchard and Orchard Hill   Tel 01404 822 461

Jan/Andy May   West end    Stoney Court to Lower Westcott Farm TALATONNHW@GMAIL.COM   Tel 01404 822 526

Chris Harwood   The Moor    Talaton House to Laurel Cottage   Tel 07709 080 439

Becky/Phil Everett   Newtown     Moorhayes Court to Railway Cottages   Tel 01404 823 292

Sarah/Laurence Wood   Lashbrook Road    Rydon Farm to Ivy Cottages   Tel 07756 957 452

Philip Higginson   Talewater    Hill farm to river Tale Tel 01404 850 758

Bob Abraham   Escot    Beacon Cottages to FairmileTel 01404 823 347

Douglas May   Larkbeare     Beacon Cross to Larkbeare Grange Tel 01404 823 051

The main purpose of the scheme is to forward relevant information regarding crime in our area as it is received from the police. If we receive requests from people in the parish we will provide them with advice such as who to contact within the police for reporting crime, investigation updates or crime prevention advice, what sort of information the police need to take further action. If a victim asks us for it, the scheme will notify the Parish about their crime and ask if you saw anything relevant or to keep a watch out for repeat incidents. We will also keep you updated with local crime trends, appeals and policing priorities.

We hope you have already told your local co-ordinator of you’d like to be part of this scheme. Please be assured we are not asking you to do anything extra, just look out for one another as you already do. By giving us your phone number and email we can let you know about important local issues. Your data will only be used for Neighbourhood Watch purposes and won’t be passed on. If your contact details change or you move away please also let your co-ordinator know. We will also post appeals on the Talaton Talk facebook page for the information of all those who have joined this closed local group.


Useful links

Please click here for a link to our local policing team page showing their news, priorities and officers.

Please click here for a link to the Devon & Cornwall police web site for various means of making contact with them including the option to report crime.

Please click here for a link to the south west regional victim care unit.

Please click here for a link to the national Neighbourhood Watch knowledge base containing useful crime prevention advice.

Please click here for a link to the Crime Stoppers web site where you can provide information anonymously about crime, view wanted criminals and obtain crime preventation advice.

Please click here  here for a link to the Action Fraud web site where you can report fraud and cyber crime as well as pick up useful advice on recent scams and online safety tips. Further advice to minimise your risk of becoming a victim of fraud can be found at take 5 to stop fraud aimed at the general public here.

Please click here for a link to the Fundraising Regulator. Here you will find the rules covering door to door sellers and the means to complain about those who are not following those rules. Alternatively ring 0300 999 3407.

If you have joined this scheme you will already receive Alert messages sent by D&C police and selected by us to only include those that most directly effect our parish.To receive more you can either sign up to the Alert site and select those topics of most interest to you (eg. horse watch) or you can browse all their latest Alerts here .

Incidents relating to dog fouling and dogs dangerously out of control are rarely a police matter. East Devon enviormental health provide an online reporting service which can be accessed here. They have assured us they will not pass on your details to the dog owner. The laws changed in 2014 and a guide can be found here .

Older drivers forum. This forum has been created to help keep mature motorists on the road safely. This partnership between emergency services, charities, local authorities and business is a not for profit organisation. Follow this link for information, advice, videos and courses. This site is also a useful resource for family and friends of mature drivers.


Latest parish wide appeals from the Talaton Neighbourhood Watch

October 2019. There have been serveral complaints about speeding and dangerous driving in the village. If you have witnessed an example please use the 101 police reporting system, see link above. Please provide as much detail as possible. In the meantime please keep safe. We advise walkers, cyclists and joggers to wear high viz clothing even on a sunny day as drivers with sun on their windscreen may not see you in the shade. Cyclists should also consider flashing lights both day and night for the same reason. Drivers and cyclists please be considerate. Driving into the sun can make it hard to see into the shadows, with a low sun behind you people coming towards you may not see you. Whilst the police are not intending to take action immediately they will monitor the level of concern reported and act appropriately when resources permit.

November 2019. Police are warning about a couple of frauds in East Devon where the callers have convinced the victims to hand over bank cards or details to persons impersonating the police or bank. They remind people that neither will ever  • Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password • Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping • Ask you to transfer money out of your account • Send someone to your home to collect cash, PINs, cards or cheque books.

December 2019. Police are seeking to return local man Joshua Richards to prison. Cancelled on 16 Dec following his arrest.

December 2019. Police are investigating series of thefts of Startfire tractor GPS systems around our area. They ask you review security, note serial numbers and notify them of any information, via 999 if in progress. Ref CR110481-19.

December 2019. Following a serious accident on West Hill Rd in Ottery on 17 Dec police are seeking witnesses. If you have any information please contact Exeter roads police via their 101 web contact page quoting ref 0733 of 17/12/19.

January 2020. Police advise there have been a recent series of car break ins on Woodbury Common. They state " When you park, even if it is not for very long, please ensure you lock your car and remove any valuable or tempting items from view or better still, take then with you. If you see anyone suspicious in the area especially if they seem to be paying attention to parked cars then call police on 101 - take a photo of them or their vehicle if you are able to without putting yourself at risk. All reports help us to build a picture of what is happening".   

February 2020. Police have identified a series of thefts from local supermarket shoppers. The common features are that the victims have just paid by card for their shopping and the suspects have caught sight of their card PIN number. Immediately after this the victims are approached and distracted so that their bank card can be stolen from their person or car. After this significant sums have been withdrawn from the victims bank. Anyone who has been a victim of theft or has information is asked to call 101 quoting CR/008855/20.

10th February 2020. A family from Hillside had 2 matters on the same night that villagers may be able to help with. Between 10/2/20 9pm and 11/2/20 mid-day they had parked their cars close nose to nose on the road. At around midnight that night they became aware of a white van or estate car parked in the road and someone looking around in their garden and neighbours garden with a torch. When they went to their car next day they found that the headlight closest to the pavement had been smashed. It seems probable that these 2 incidents may be linked. If you have any information please contact 101 using the email link above.

14th March 2020. Police appealed for sightings of a white Fiat Ducato campervan E390CTV. Cancelled on 17th of March as police had traced the vehicle and thanked all for their vigilance.

 March 2020. Police have noticed a sharp increase in attempted frauds using the coronavirus as the theme. These include sending malicious links that purport to provide details of infections in your area from the Centre for Decease Control (CDC) in the states or the World Health Organisation (WHO). Approaches on line have begun offering ways to make large financial gains out of the market turmoil which lead to scammers. There have also been attempts to gain access to peoples home to conduct covid 19 tests or offer to do someones shopping, taking the cash and never returning. Please don't take this as a definitive list of all scams but please be wary of offers that seem to good to be true.

April 2020. Police have released guidance about their response to and essential information about Covid 19. Please follow this link to see regular updates, FAQs and resources.

April 2020. The Annual Parish Meeting report 2020 including a report from this scheme is now available to read on the annual parish meeting tab to the left.

May 2020. Police notified us of a series of thefts of fuel from parked vehicles. To date there have been 9 incidents with the closest to us at Gittisham. Some of the thefts have involved drilling holes in the tank, others the tank has been pulled off the vehicle. It would appear the Gittisham theft occurred in the middle of the night and might have involved a van similar in shape to those used by milkmen. Any info to the police via 101 or crime stoppers quote  CR033798/20.

June 2020. From police crime commissioner .... "there is some suggestion that unscrupulous criminals will seek to exploit this opportunity so it is worth knowing that if NHS Test and Trace calls you by phone, the service will using a single phone number which is 0300 0135 000. The only website the service will ask you to visit is https://contact-tracing.phe.gov.uk . Contact tracers will never ask you to dial a premium rate number, for bank or password details or to make any form of payment". Alison Hernandez. 

8th July 2020. Missing 15yr old Billy Allen from Payhembury. Cancelled on 09/0720 having been found safe and well and thanks from the police for our vigilance.

9th Aug 2020. At 2.30pm a silver VW Passatt VA04LHX drove onto Rydon Farm. The 3 large white male occupants, possibly foreign approached the farm house. They were challenged and unable to explain what they were doing there. They were asked to leave and did so. The residents were very intimidated by this incident. Any further intelligence on this vehicle or incident, please pass to police via 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress.

11th Sep 2020. A black new model Ford Transit on polish plate PO1HG19 was seen today on a farm in Feniton. The rear of the van contained dogs in cages and the occupants claimed to be there to walk their dogs. The farm owner suspects they were there to steal her dogs. The driver was a female with long hair in her 30s. The passenger was a male in 30s with shaved head. Both had foreign accents. This vehicle has also been sighted in Cranbrook. Sightings to police via 101 or dial 999 if a crime is in progress. 

 30th Sep 2020. D&C police alert received about higher than usual number of scams presently. Many but not all of these seem to have the common theme of Amazon. In summary people have received emails about unsolicited phone upgrades, automated phone calls telling you to press your key pad, requests for you to purchase vouchers, a request to download a phone app or emails with links for you to press. These are all scams. Do not follow the instructions or press the links. Police advice is " If you want to check a call is genuine  - hang up and make contact the company via a reliable source. Please wait ten minutes before making another call or clear the line by phoning a friend/family member. Report crimes via action fraud and other concerns please contact the police "

Please let your local co-ordinator know if you would find further information on this page helpful.

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