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Whilst the Virus is with us this page will be used for a bit of light relief. If you have anything that you think will amuse us all ( It will be vetted !)


 A New General Knowledge Quiz (B) - very Kindly submitted by Barry Thorn


 Answer all the general knowledge questions and find the common link with the answers.

1) Seasonal book written by Charles Dickens? (9 - 5)
2) In darts, treble 19, treble 19 and double 15 is the checkout for what score?
3) What team game attempts to score points by pushing a ball over the net and landing in the opposing teams's court?
4) In the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle what did the cow jump over?
5) What do you call the fear of numbers?
6) Norwegian best known for painting The Scream? (6 - 5)
7) Mg is the chemical symbol for?
8) What is the capital of Peru?
9) Who was the 3 times Formula 1 Brazilian racing driver tragically died whilst leading the San Marino Grand Prix? (6 - 5)
10) Which zodiac sign is represented by a fish?
11) Who was the first British footballer to command a million pound transfer? (6 - 7)
12) Who was often called England's national poet and the bard of Avon? (7 - 11)
Answers at the end - NO CHEATING !


Answers to the Puzzles and Quiz at the end of the Page . Hit This Link







Answers to the Puzzles and Quiz at the end of the Page . Hit This Link 


 Guess the Statues ????

 statues quiz



 Come on then , where are they ? Or is that a bridge too far !!


 bridge quiz



 And another to keep everyone occupied !

 flag quiz



                General Knowledge Quiz A.  Compiled by Barry Thorne.

The answer's to the following questions have all got something in common. 


1) Born Harry Rodger Webb? (3, 5, 7)

2) English composer born 22nd November 1913? (8, 7)

3) This singer wanted to Break Free? (7, 7)

4) Who was head of the Catholic Church between 1978 and 2005? (4, 4, 4)

5) Who is currently Tottenham Hotspur's leading goalscorer? (5, 7)

6) She was a young star in the film Nation Velvet? (9, 6)

7) Born Norma Jeane Mortenson? (7, 6)

8) He composed the Messiah? (6)

9) He played the bass guitar in The Beatles? (3, 4, 9)

10) She played Gladys Aylward in the film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness? (6, 8)

What are the answers and what do they each have in common ??????







  Coming Events






 Sorry, Cancelled due to the Virus !


 Events Gone By




 theatre4 all





 January 2020






 November 2019


  hall show november 2019





 February 2019

 The Devil’s Violin 




Spellbinding storytellers perform their kaleidoscopic fairy tale. 

A young prince falls endlessly down through the darkness………….. In a field of poppies, a beautiful old woman is trapped in a cottage nestled in a huge claw…………….. Saddled horses stand frozen in a dripping grey landscape, their missing riders lost to The Land of No Return. 


Daniel Morden’s mesmeric tale of adversity and hope are accompanied by the strings of 

Oliver Wilson-Dickson (Violin) and Sarah Moody (Cello). 


 ‘A scintillating combination of music, sound and story’  –  The Times 


This is an evening not to miss! Tickets, limited to just 45 for this event are on sale from www.villagesinaction.co.uk and telephone 0333 666 3366 from Saturday 5th January 2019. 






 November 2018


 Isca String Quartet






 October 2018

rag mama





April 2018 



 March 2018



January 2018 



December 2017 




 November 2017





Photos of the last event in the season just gone - The Youth Bands evening with 'Tunisian Bear' (the two girls and single guitarist) and 'Mr First Name' (with Wilf McNeilage, the two guitarists and drummer). The event was a resounding success, attended by over 60 people and raised £300 for Care International.
















Mambo Jambo 


March 2017



mambo jambo




mambo jambo






     Semi - Toned a Smash Hit 4th March 2017

Comment from Tom Samson---


Semi-Toned played on the 4th March 2017 to a packed hall and concluded their second set to a 100% standing ovation that required an encore to quieten the audience down!


It must rank as one of the most powerful performances we have ever witnessed. Audience feed back has been simply astounding – People are saying  just how wonderful the night was. One email that came in to me today simply read:- What a coup! Having gone with an open mind, as we hadn't watched 'The Choir', we were completely blown away by the energy and exuberance of this group. It was one of the best nights we can remember in the Hall. Oh, to be 20 again!! Many thanks for spotting their talents and organising such a great evening.


Many thanks and huge praise , too, to the wonderfully supportive Tale Valley Choir


semi tones


semui toned
semi toned



 Incredible Performance by the Moscow Drug Company on 14th October 2016




mdc2  mdc4mdc6 




Villages in Action (VIA) is a rural touring scheme based in Crediton, Devon. They help to bring top quality professional performances and workshops at affordable prices to communities through a network of local promoters.

Created in 1992, VIA now covers five of the seven district council areas of Devon and has over 70 active communities, reaching about 8,500 people annually as audience members or workshop participants.

Talaton has had numerous excellent performances and hopes to have more but the finances are very tight. Success and a continuation of these great performances depends on having a full Hall!

Please support the events when they are advertised - it really is vital.

See below for  the 2016 Report on Villages in Action Performances in Talaton


Heads Will Roll - By Told By An Idiot
November 2016 

 Heads w r 2016

Heads W R 2016

 hwr 2016


 In Remembrance of a Lost Generation 

Nov 2016


 mem4958 mem4968 mem4999



 Community Theatre 4All
Project Report for the production of

Performed between 10th and 12th March 2016 (with a Preview Performance given on Wednesday 9th March) in St Mary’s Church Wimple.

This community theatre venture brought together 30 residents of Talaton and Whimple on a regular weekly basis (between September 2015 and March 2016) for cast rehearsals in St Mary’s Church Whimple, in preparation for the four performances of ‘Godspell’ that were given between 9th and 12th March 2016. In addition to this, an infrastructure of support staff, in the form of technicians, back stage crew and front of house staff was developed to provide all the services that this major project required. The total size of the Community Theatre 4All group exceeded 50 people.
‘Godspell’ was performed to an audience drawn from the local communities and surrounding areas that was a little in excess of 400 people. Thus, in total, over 450 people were directly affected by the project. The very high quality acting and singing performances, combined with high production standards in the areas of music, costume, setting and lighting drew widespread critical acclaim within both Talaton and Whimple.
Just one example of the letters received is included in this report as follows:-
What a wonderful experience we enjoyed last night. The presentation of Godspell was amazing in every aspect, from the costumes and make up, the numerous props, the lighting effects, the staging, through to the front of house reception. Then, of course, there was, the highest standards of acting, singing and choroegraphed movement, all of which rose to the challenges posed by the variety of musical styles. All of these facets of the production were delivered powerfully, with enthusiasm and emotion. This, combined with a depth of understanding of each of the individual parts of the drama took the audience to the ultimately powerful and moving conclusion of the show.
Please pass on my gratitude and admiration to, not only the people who had the vision to embark on this journey into the unknown, but to everyone who made that vision possible.
I am very aware of the many facets that a production like this entails and it was a pleasure to been part of a new venture. Looking forward to the next time.
Because of the very high standard of the end product that was achieved, there is already a groundswell, within both Talaton and Whimple, to build upon this event. Preparations are already well advanced for a follow up Community Theatre 4All event in Autumn 2016. Clearly there has been a major drawing together of villagers from both communities and it is the future aim of Community Theatre 4All to continue to build upon this initial success.  The aim of the community theatre company will be to widen our membership base to include other villages within the immediate locality. This will be achieved by continually striving to produce varied styles of theatre and performance in a wide variety of local venues, to include churches, village halls and open air spaces.
The £800 awarded by the Parishes Together Fund, from the joint submission by Talaton and Whimple Parish Councils, did, in no small way, play a major part in raising the quality of the end product, the public performances. This funding was used to target two very specific areas of the production, the creation of staging and the enhancement of stage lighting by the creation of a temporary stage lighting bar and the purchase of freestanding stage lighting stands. Staging and Lighting enhanced the production in very specific ways. The design and creation of bespoke staging for a, ‘very awkward to use’, performance space enabled the church to become a more effective theatrical venue. The creation of the temporary lighting bar and the purchase of freestanding Stage Lighting Stands enabled the space to be effectively lit. The creation and purchase of these specific facilities will continue to benefit Community Theatre 4All in future projects, in a wide range of venues.
Lastly, may I say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ for your very valuable support – a support that will, by the provision of the equipment that has been purchased, continue to be felt through many future projects.
Tom Samson
(Director Community Theatre 4All)

10th - 12th March 2016 

 godspell1 godspell2godspell3 


March 2016
The Red Dirt Skinners



On Friday 20th November 2015

‘The Artisans’






 via march 2015  via march 2015  via march 2015
 via march 2015Ronnie Jones Jazz Quartet on Saturday 7th March 2015  via march 2015



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Competition / Quiz Results


All answers had a Rose Named after them !! How did you Do ?

1)  Born Harry Rodger Webb?  (3, 5, 7)  
  (ans. Sir Cliff Richard)

2) English composer born 22nd November 1913? (8, 7)

(Ans. Benjamin Britten)

3) This singer wanted to Break Free? (7, 7)

(Ans. Freddie Mercury)

4) Who was head of the Catholic Church between 1978 and 2005? (4, 4, 4)

(Ans. Pope John Paul 11)

5) Who is currently Tottenham Hotspur's leading goalscorer? (5, 7)

(Ans. Jimmy Greaves)

6) She was a young star in the film Nation Velvet? (9, 6)

(Ans, Elizabeth Taylor)

7) Born Norma Jeane Mortenson? (7, 6)

(Ans. Marilyn Monroe)

8) He composed the Messiah? (6)

(Ans. Handel)

9) He played the bass guitar in The Beatles? (3, 4, 9)

(Ans. Sir Paul McCartney)

10) She played Gladys Aylward in the film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness? (6, 8)

(Ans. Ingrid Bergmann)

A Bridge Too Far ???????
Bridge answers

1. Pont du Gard, Gard, France

2. Sunniberg Bridge, Klosters, Switzerland

3. Bridge of Sighs (Hertford Bridge), Oxford

4. Barnstaple Long Bridge

5. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

6. Forth Bridge, Queensferry, Scotland

7. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

8. Iron Bridge, Telford, Shropshire

9. Millennium Bridge, London

10. Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Sanjiang, China

11. Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland

12. The Helix Bridge (previously called The Double Helix Bridge), Singapore

13. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, between Gateshead and Newcastle

14. Brooklyn Bridge, New York

15. Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

16. Tower Bridge, London

17. Oresund Bridge, between Sweden and Denmark

18. Millau Viaduct, Aveyron, Southern France

19. Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

20. Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW, Australi


 Statues - The Answers !


1 Manneken pis - Brussels

2 John Betjeman - St Pancras station

3 Angel of the North – Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

4 Anthony Gormley’s figures ‘Another Place’ - Crosby Beach Liverpool

5 King Alfred - Wantage

6 Eros - Piccadilly Circus

7 Peter Pan - Kensington Gardens

8 Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro Brazil

9 Moai - Easter Island

10 The Kelpies - Falkirk accept Grangemouth, the river Forth

11 The Little Mermaid - Copenhagen

12 The Willow Man - near Bridgwater M5

13 Venus de Milo –the Louvre

14 Greyfriar’s Bobby – Edinburgh

15 Tommy Cooper Caerphilly

16 Statue of Liberty – Liberty Island New York Harbour

17 Michelangelo’s David - Florence

18 The Sphinx – Giza

19 The Charging Bull – Wall Street New York

20 Dr Jimmy Smart – Marwood Hill Gardens, Barnstapl

Flag Answers

2. Brazil
3. Canada
4. Chile
5. Germany
6. Greece
7. Iceland
8. Jamaica
9. Japan
10. New Zealand
11. Pakistan
12. Philippines
13. South Africa
14. Turkey
15. United Arab Emirates




The link between the answers is the Number 12

1) Christmas Carol (There is a Christmas Carol called the 12 Days of Christmas)

2) 144 (Square root of 144 is 12)

3) Volleyball (12 players on court at any given time. 6 each side)

4) The Moon (12 people have walked on the moon)

5) Numerophobia (12 letter's in the answer)
6) Edward Monk (Born on the 12th December 1863) (12/12/1863)
7) Magnesium (12 is the atomic number for Magnesium)
8) Lima (Lima is the 12th number in the phonetic alahabet)
9) Ayrton Senna (The racing car he drove was number 12)
10) Pisces (It is the 12th sign of the astrological Zodiac)
11) Trevor Francis (Scored 12 goals for England in 52 appearances)
12) William Shakesbeare (wrote the play 12th Night.)



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