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Winner of the CPRE & MVF's Best Kept Village in Devon Competition 2009 (new entry category)
Runner Up in Best Kept Village Competition in East Devon in the small Village Category 2010
Runner Up in Best Kept Village Competition in East Devon in Previous Winners Category 2011
Winner of Best Kept Village Competition in East Devon - Previous Winners Cat
egory 2012
Winner of Glanvil Cup - Best Kept Small Village in East Devon 2014
Highly Commended CPRE Award 2016
Scheme now discontinued - otherwise Talaton would have won the Lot !





 Ho, Ho, Ho Here We Go Again !



Special Guest at the Annual Talaton How D'You Do 20p18

Another Great Annual event - raised money for the Hall but most importantly a great opportunity for a good get together .




 More Pictures on the Parish Hall page


ROBOT Club at the Races! 

7th Dec

 robots races


 Spot the winner !!!

More Pictures on the Robot Page




 Carol Singing 2018










 Wonderful crowd joined in. Great welcome in the Talaton Inn




Look Out - Hornets About !! 


No need to panic but we now have a rather nasty Hornet - the Asian Hornet - in the country and indeed in Devon. Whilst it is particularly aggressive this aggression is directed very often at beehives. If it gains access to the hive it will destroy it completely, bees, honey , comb , the lot. It does have a powerful sting and can penetrate clothing. 

DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR THIS INSECT but if you do see a hornet flying around then maybe just observe it with care. Often called the "Yellow-legged Asian Hornet, it is distinguished by its almost entirely yellow legs ( Our native European Hornet has darker, brown legs ). The Asian Hornet has a black thorax and abdomen with one visible yellow segment ( Our European Hornet has a mostly yellow thorax and abdomen) . 

There are a number of other distinguishing features of our Asian friend but they are finer and need closer examination.

If you have a concern or think you have seen an Asian Hornet , contact a local beekeeper. If you are very sure that you have seen one try to observe its flight path and , ideally, find the nest then notify the Great British Non Native Species Secretariat by email at  . DO NOT TRY TO CATCH IT OR DESTROY THE NEST

Annual Village Outing 2018 
Again, a Hugely Varied and Entertaining Trip organised with her usual attention to detail and grand finale Cream Tea, by Lady Anne Boles.


More Photos on the Village Pictures Page 


 church outing 18





 Arts Champion Award to Harry Channon

 arts award




 harry award


 Harry Channon Receiving His East Devon District Council Arts Champion Award at the Chairman's Garden Party, the Knowle, Sidmouth . Harry was nominated by Talaton Parish Council which was represented by Councillor Tom Samson in the absence of Chairman Trish Lenehan, who was occupied with the Beautiful Days Event.


Beautiful Days 2018

Your Shop at the Show




Huge thanks due to all the gang who kept the shop at the forefront and helped its finances for another year 

More Pictures on the Village Pictures Page  

 Have You Seen the Entertainment lined up for Talaton ??? 

No ?

Go to the Entertainment Page now and book early. 




Talaton Calendar now on line - see the Talaton Calendar Newsletter Page

 October Issue Now Available to View


 Any Idea What is a Lime Nail Gall ? Go to the Village Pictures Page to be Enlightened 


Talaton Annual Produce Show


Were You There ???? 

No, then look at the Produce Association Page for Pictures.

Did You enter ? No ? No Flowers? No Courgettes ? No Jam, Chutney or Sloe Gin ? Curly Runner Beans, Straight Runner Beans ? No Cakes ? 

A Lot of People Put a Lot of Work into Setting up the Show so How about Next Year Having a Go - it's all part of the Village we Love and Live In !







Talaton Annual Church BBQ



Wonderful ! 





  Best Event of the Year !

Many more Pictures on the Noticeboard Page





Talaton Open Gardens 2018
A Great Success


See Talaton Church Page for more Pictures 



 ogardens 18






 Time for a Picnic at Woodbury Castle ?


 woodbury castle


woodbury castle 


 woodbury castle


Huge amount of work done here to produce a really beautiful, scenic and recreational area.

(PS. A really good walk over Woodbury Common starts here - See the Walks Page ! )



  Use Your Pub ! - or Lose Your Pub ! 



 Incredible transformation at the Talaton Inn - Magic ! 



 Maria , Keeping a low profile !





 More pictures of the Great Snows of March  2018 are on the Village Pictures Page


 Memories .............. ( and that's all there will be if people don,t send in some new material ! )

email  with your pictures, news, anything within reason !


 Talaton Grand How d'you Do 2017

Many More Pictures on the Parish Hall Page 












 Talaton Shop waves the Flag at Beautiful Days 2017

 Once again Talaton Village Shop was invited to serve the crowds at the Music Festival held at Escot and this it did superbly , raising well needed funds in the process. A huge amount of voluntary work was involved and many thanks due to all who helped.


escot 2017


escot 2017




 More Pictures on the Village Shop page




Village Day 2017 
(Regret No Pictures of Village Day 2018 have been forthcoming !)










Many Many More Pictures on Village day Page - Go there Now ! 


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The Tale Valley Trust

Take a moment to learn about this Trust, doing so much to preserve and enhance the area - our area.
Look at their web site:

and if you are interested to read their newsletter use the following link, really interesting reading.





Great 2016 Produce Show Success

See Produce Page for Many More Pictures



 Talaton Church and Village BBQ 2016

Many more pictures on the Noticeboard Page 



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