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Winner of the CPRE & MVF's Best Kept Village in Devon Competition 2009 (new entry category)
Runner Up in Best Kept Village Competition in East Devon in the small Village Category 2010
Runner Up in Best Kept Village Competition in East Devon in Previous Winners Category 2011
Winner of Best Kept Village Competition in East Devon - Previous Winners Cat
egory 2012
Winner of Glanvil Cup - Best Kept Small Village in East Devon 2014
Highly Commended CPRE Award 2016
Scheme now discontinued - otherwise Talaton would have won the Lot !


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Talaton Annual Produce Show


Were You There ???? 

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Did You enter ? No ? No Flowers? No Courgettes ? No Jam, Chutney or Sloe Gin ? Curly Runner Beans, Straight Runner Beans ? No Cakes ? 

A Lot of People Put a Lot of Work into Setting up the Show so How about Next Year Having a Go - it's all part of the Village we Love and Live In !







Talaton Annual Church BBQ



Wonderful ! 





  Best Event of the Year !

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Talaton Open Gardens 2018
A Great Success


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 ogardens 18






 Time for a Picnic at Woodbury Castle ?


 woodbury castle


woodbury castle 


 woodbury castle


Huge amount of work done here to produce a really beautiful, scenic and recreational area.

(PS. A really good walk over Woodbury Common starts here - See the Walks Page ! )



  Use Your Pub ! - or Lose Your Pub ! 



 Incredible transformation at the Talaton Inn - Magic ! 



 Maria , Keeping a low profile !





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 Talaton Grand How d'you Do 2017

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 Talaton Shop waves the Flag at Beautiful Days 2017

 Once again Talaton Village Shop was invited to serve the crowds at the Music Festival held at Escot and this it did superbly , raising well needed funds in the process. A huge amount of voluntary work was involved and many thanks due to all who helped.


escot 2017


escot 2017




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Talaton Village Outing 2017


warren house


Over Dartmoor , Nr the Warren House Inn


outing 17


  No words Needed !

outing 17


The Village Outing 19th August 2017.


We were incredibly lucky with the weather on this the 12th annual outing. It was a mix of, not sunshine and showers but of sunshine and shadows. So we saw parts of our lovely county in a variety of light and shade.

We left the village at 9.30 and headed for Stickleparth on the North edge of Dartmoor to visit Finch’s Foundry. Founded in 1814 and was in operation up to 1966 and is now in the care of the National Trust. It is the last such working foundry in the UK. This was a works which made tools and put an edge on them. Powered via a leat from the River Taw, the ancient furnaces, bellows; waterwheels and hammers are all still in working order.  In their hey day they made tools of all sorts and in their carpentry shop one can see the wide variety of the tools to which a sharp blade could be put to.

Our next stop was the Miniature Pony Centre near Bovey Tracy. This is an attraction designed for children, but there is much for adults to enjoy. The ponies and donkeys (and there are masses of them) are thigh high docile, gently and infinitely patient. They had to be as children hugged, tickled and patted them with abandon! We ate our picnic lunches or meals at the excellent cafe in the bright sunshine.

We then had the most wonderful scenic drive over Dartmoor from Postbridge to Ashburton. We saw the steep craggy tors and the almost desolate North side of the Moor with isolated farms and cottages, all looking quite cozy in the sunshine but what can they be like in the dark months of winter? As we drove south the villages and farms got bigger, the brighter green of enclosed cultivated or closely grazed fields gave way to the beautiful Forest of the Dart River, glorious woodland and sparkling rivers. We crossed the narrow ‘pack horse’ bridges with 2 inches to spare on each side of the bus.

          In Buckfast we stopped at the Valiant Soldier Pub. This was a popular small workingman’s pub, which closed its doors in 1964 and left everything exactly as it was. Nothing was touched or altered, or thrown way; it is a fascinating time warp. There is evidence that there was an ale house established on the site as far back as 1777. It became known as the Valiant Soldier in 1813 which appears to have been a common name for pubs after the Civil War and again during the Napoleonic wars of 1799 to 1815. The pub flourished during both World Wars and one of its main attractions was that it was the nearest pub to the town’s cinema. But during the 1950s and 60s The Valiant Soldier became special only to its regulars and in 1965 they called time, and closed the doors. Luckily a Trust was set up in 1967 to look after the building and its contents. The place is steeped in nostalgia; it is rather sad, somewhat shabby but so full of things that our great-grandparents, our grandparents and some said their parents would have used every day. The prices of beers are still on the wall, the fags by the ash trays and the kitchen was full of so much that was familiar that it was hard to get the group out and to move on!!

From a small workingman’s pub we went to a well established grand house set in its large estate. We had tea in the Orangery at Ugbrooke House. Ugbrooke has been grand since the 1600s and is owned and lived in by the Clifford family. We walked through the immaculately neat garden and had a delicious tea of scones straight from the oven with the proper amount of cream and jam. The young Cliffords who have just moved into the house as their parents moved out came and welcomed us to their home.

Three out of four destinations on this outing have been fundamentally affected by ‘ modern day improvements’ Finch’s foundry is on the main street in Sticklepath which just so happened to be the A30, this was a direct and easy route for goods coming in and goods going out, but when the village was by-passed the trade began to die. The Valiant Soldier was gently declining but the final nail in it’s coffin was when the cinema was pulled down to make a car park. And the Ugbrooke estate was virtually cut into two when the dual carriage way that is the A380 sliced through the estate. Progress can be painful!




outing 2017


 In the Finch Foundary





outing 2017

 In the Valiant Soldier


Those were the Days ! 



outing 2017


Ugbrooke House Orangery 




 Talaton Annual Produce Show





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Talaton Church BBQ









bbq17 bbq17

                bbq17 bbq17


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Village Day 2017 










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Open Gardens 2017  

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Great 2016 Produce Show Success

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 Talaton Church and Village BBQ 2016

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