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Annual presentation from Talaton Neighbourhood Watch (TNHW): April 2019 – March 2020

1. Status of our scheme

Since July 2017 the scheme has been managed by Andy and Jan May.

Dialogue has been maintained with;

· Police Crime Commissioners office (OPCC)

· D&C Preventative and Communities Policing inspector

· D&C Rural crime team

· D&C Ottery rural policing team

There have been no change in ward boundaries or ward co-ordinators since last year.

Our Web page is constantly updated. 16 events have been posted in the appeals section. Links to relevant reporting sites or crime related resources are regularly checked and updated.

The Calendar is still used to publicise events, crime prevention advice and points of contact. TNHW still offers direct contact with households and businesses preferably by email but also in person by phone or in writing.


Figures for 01/04/2019 to 15/04/2020. (Figures in brackets show previous year)

TNHW have dealt with 20 (16) incidents, 9 (5) required notification to the police.

Reviewed 137 (151) separate Alert notifications of which 18 (9) were passed on either to a select portion or all of those who have requested our enhanced service. Using the crime mapping service on it is possible to draw a boundary for our parish. In 2017 there were 20 crimes recorded, in 2018 it was also 20 and in 2019 it was 24. The only pattern is a slight increase each August with all the crimes in that month approximately mapped to the Escot Estate, 7 in 2017, 6 in 2018 and 4 in 2019.

Crime volumes across the whole parish remain extremely low.

2. Councillor advocate scheme

TNHW were approached in 2017 by the Parish Council to perform the new role being created by the Office of Police Crime Commissioner (OPCC). A review of the scheme is now taking place involving TNHW to see if this role should be undertaken by district councillors, not parish.

The updated OPCC directory for Councillor Advocates was forwarded to the Parish Council for them to use as a reference document. Further advice sent from the OPCC for Parish Councils relating to parking on pavements was also forwarded accordingly.

TNHW have attended 2 further seminars at police HQ covering a group aiming to prevent reoffending, intelligence handling, supporting diverse communities and rural crime.

Benefits: Opportunity to see how police view issues relating to the travelling community and feed back to the rural crime team how best to communicate with our community.

Negatives: Time taken to attend meetings at HQ. Failure to strengthen communication with the local policing team but with such low crime figures this is understandable.

Review: TNHW will continue to attend select events that appear to have a relevance to Talaton and remain on the mailing list of the OPCC

Andy and Jan May



Report from the Talaton Calendar - To have been given at the Annual Parish Meeting ( Now Cancelled)


The Talaton Calendar is in its 291st edition in its current booklet format, and Arnie and I have been looking after it together since Dennis Oakley passed away in 2005, Arnie having been directly involved for several years before. We are presently financially keeping the Calendar going through the advertising revenue we have and some new advertisers coming in. We are very grateful for the various donations we receive from Village Organisations, which help the present stability. We outside print the booklet, which is why you receive such a good quality product, but the costs cannot be controlled by us, so occasionally revenue has to be increased by altering the advertising costs.. Rosemary Glanville continues to deliver rain or shine, and the whole village should be grateful to her. This month however wont be delivered nor the next month as we are in a Lock Down due to CV 19. It will be a pdf document sent by e mail which will I hope be successfully cascaded down through the village. It is also always on the Village Web site. We aim to inform about events, and keep people up to date with local matters I really hope each delivered booklet is read, as it takes a lot of work and coordination to produce them.

Simon Spencer.