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To know Christ and to make Him known

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ChurchWe hope you will enjoy the information in this website but please come and see the church for yourself.  It is open every day during daylight hours.  Information on services and the building itself can be found below.

Talaton is one of four churches in the Benefice - known as Churches 4 All.  Whimple (see bottom of page for a link to their website) Clyst Hydon and Clyst St Lawrence being the other three churches.

Our Parish Priest is

The Reverend Chris Martin 01404 822 427

and our Assistant Curate is

Marc Kerslake 01392 462 731


Mrs Marilyn Klepacz 01404 822 488

Mr Charlie Hutchings 01404 822 205

Bell Tower Captain

Mr Chris Trimmer 01404 850 831

Sunday services


The monthly pattern of services each month is as follows:

1st Sunday 

9.30am  Holy Communion - see note below, followed by coffee

2nd Sunday

9.30am  Morning Worship - followed by coffee

3rd Sunday

11am  Holy Communion (Common Worship)

4th Sunday

Evening Prayer  (Book of Common Prayer)  See below for times

5th Sunday

Joint Mission Community service at 10:30am – see The Link magazine or Talaton Calendar for details

The first Sunday of the month alternates between Common Worship (CW) Holy Communion and Book of Common Prayer (BCP) Holy Communion.  This pattern starts with Common Worship in January.

Evening services start at 6:00pm (from 25th March 2018) and at 4:00pm (from 28th October 2018).

Every Tuesday morning from 9.00 to 9.30am Chris Martin and Marc Kerslake are in the church for a short time of prayer and you would be very welcome to join them.

On the second Wednesday of each month there is a service called 'Sacred Space' at Whimple church at 9.15am for about thirty minutes - a time for quietness, prayer and a reflection on a scripture reading.

Directions to St James the Great

The entrance to the church car park is off the main village street by the grey telephone box.
The postcode for SatNav users is EX5 2RL  



 March 1st 2018 - Picture by Andy May


Newsletter - March 2018

Dear Friends,

How is Lent going for you?  Mine is going swimmingly.  This year I decided to give up Lobster and Champagne; so far so good!  It's been such a success that next year, l think I might give up caviar too!

I know much fun is had and stories told about Lenten sacrifices. But it is a season with a serious side to it.  It's a time for self-reflection and self-examination.  This forty day period we are in echoes the forty years the Israelites spent in the wilderness, as God got them ready for what awaited them, preparing them for the bounty God had in store in the land of promise.  Of course it also mirrors the forty days Jesus spent being tempted in the wilderness before his ministry had begun, which was a time for making choices about what was important to him, a time for following his gut instinct for what felt right and resisting those things that would undermine what his heart knew would be most life-giving, for him and for others.

But, Lent isn't about self-improvement, though that may be a useful spin off.  It's a time for growth, a time to re-focus, re-orientating our lives towards God, opening up to God's Spirit, so that Christ can live his risen life in us.  It's a time for getting things into their proper perspective, for remembering 'that we are dust, and to dust we shall return.'

I came across one chap who, when asked what he gave up for Lent, said, "I usually give up listening to my car radio and commute to work in silence. Inevitably, I end up hearing noises from under the bonnet that lead to some needed repairs. I find that the silence does the same for my soul...l become more aware of what's rattling around inside of me so that I can bring it to the Lord for healing."

In my view, putting oneself into a desert silence like that is braver than giving up chocolate or abstaining from booze for Lent.  This is how Ann Lewin puts it, in her poem aptly titled 'Lent'.

Lent is a time to learn to travel Light, to clear the clutter
From our crowded lives and,
Find a space, a desert.
Deserts are bleak: no creature Comforts,only a vast expanse of Stillness, sharpening awareness of Ourselves and God.

Uncomfortable places, deserts.

Most of the time we're tempted to
Avoid them, finding good reasons to
Live lives of ease; cushioned by
Noise from self-discovery,
Clutching at world's success
To stave off fear.
But if we dare to trust the silence
To strip away our false security,
God can begin to grow his wholeness in us, Fill up our emptiness, destroy our fears, Give us new vision, courage for the journey, And make our desert blossom like a rose.

Perhaps for us the question is not so much about how we can best use Lent, but about how we can best let God use it in us, to grow His wholeness in us.

Every blessing as you journey on through this season


March events:

Friday 2nd and Friday 16th.  Talaton Toddlers in North Aisle at 10.45am

Mothering Sunday (11th March). Family service at 9.30am 

Lent - The Prayer Course: Tuesdays 20th & 27th February and 6th, 13th and 20th March.  In Talaton Parish Hall 7.30pm to 9.15pm 

Lent lunch:   Wednesday 21st March at Larkbeare Grange 

  • 25th March (Palm Sunday) – 6pm Evening Prayer (BCP)
  • 29th March (Maundy Thursday) - 7.00pm Said Holy Communion at Whimple, followed by an opportunity for prayer for healing
  • 30th March (Good Friday) 2pm Mission Community service (‘The Last Hour’) at Talaton
  • 1st April (Easter Sunday) - 9.30am  Holy Communion (CW)
  • 8th April - 9.30am CW Holy Communion
  • 15th April – 9.30am Morning Worship
  • 22nd April – 11am  Holy Communion (CW)
  • 29th April – 6pm Evening Prayer (BCP) 

New Life Group meet in Talaton on Tuesdays at 2.30pm at 3 Moorhayes Court.  823 514

 The Churchyard Tidy Up 2018

churchyard clean up 2018


The Annual Talaton Church Graveyard Tidy Up”


Saturday the 17th March saw 13 hardy villagers respond to the invitation in the Calendar, or to a reminder nudge, to brave the bitter east wind, and occasional snow flurries, to spend a couple of hours helping to keep our church looking at its best. The result is spectacular, with the grass being cut for the first time this year, and the paths and borders freshly edged, continuing the work started last year. It was hard work, but all done in good spirit, and Jo Spencer’s refreshments, including almond slices and banana cake, were a just reward half way through.

As mentioned previously, we are creating an area on the east side of the church which will not be cut during summer months, but will encourage the growth of natural meadow flowers.

Additionally, we are planning to resurface the car park and all the paths this spring, which will really add the finishing touches.

The church is something we all love and appreciate, even though we may not visit it often. Do please take a walk down and admire what’s been achieved on Saturday, and let us know if there is something more you would like to see done. The front door is open every day during daylight hours, so feel free to venture in, and enjoy the beauty of this very old building.

From left to right in the photo, this years volunteers were:

Dave Wright, Chris Harwood, Jenny Pring, Gordon Pring, Andrea Down, Tom Samson, Rick Spencer, Andy May, Jan May, Terry Wright, Bob Abraham, Sue Harwood and Pam Weston. Jo Spencer kept us refreshed and took the photo, Buddy the black lab kept us entertained, and repeatedly stole Chris’s gardening glove, and Lee French wanted to help out again but had to go to work!

Our thanks to all of them.




   Charities Supported By Talaton Church

In 2017 the Parochial Church Council supported these charities:-

  • Tear Fund £400
    Children’s Society £200
    Cancer UK £200
    Feniton School £200
    OSM help scheme £200
    Devon Freewheelers £200
    Silver Line £200
    Alzheimers £200
    Shelterbox - £400

 Open Gardens 2017

In Aid of the Talaton Church






















Do come to the coffee morning on every Wednesday in the North aisle from 10.30am till 12 noon. It is open to everyone - not just those who go to Church.

coffee morning



 Annual Churchyard Clean Up


 You will notice a few more faces this year ----still more would be welcome .






The Get Together for Parents and Young Toddlers


 "The Wheels of the Church go Round and Round, every first and third Friday in the Month" . The Reverend Chris Martin on his guitar is accompanied by Becky Springall on her viola while singing to the young children in the north Aisle Room in the Church while parents have a Get Together from 10.30 until 12 noon on some Fridays of the month.


Mothers and kids


mums and kids
mums and kids
mums and kids
mums and kids
mums and kids


 The Bells

At the western end of the nave a modern oak screen closes off the base of the Tower. This screen was erected in 1983 in memory of Mr and Mrs Hayden, who made a generous bequest to the church.  It has proved most effective in reducing draughts.  Behind this screen hang the bell ropes.  Talaton is fortunate in having a good team of bell ringers to ring a peal of six bells.  Two of these, the 4th and the Tenor are by far the oldest.  The 4th was cast by the Exeter foundry during the 15th century and the Tenor in the mid 16th century by Roger Semson of Ash Priors, Taunton.  The Tenor bell bears the arms and inscription of Johanne de Beauchamp, Countess of Warwick, who had died in 1435.  Her husband owned the manor of Larkbeare in the Parish of Talaton.  These two bells are listed for preservation.  The 5th was recast in 1751 by Thomas Bilbie of Cullompton at the cost of £15.2s.7d.  Forty years later the 3rd bell was recast by Thomas Bilbie’s grandson in 1792.  To bring the peal up to six the Treble was added in 1891, cast by Warners of Cripplegate.  Finally an earlier bell, the 2nd, dating from 1661, was recast in 1923 by Gillett and Johnson. They are all in sound condition and ring out regularly. 

We are currently looking for more ringers - Call Chris Trimmer , Tower Captain, on 01404 850831 or  Peppi Shaw on 01404 822 482 if you are interested

Pictorial Record of the 2013 Bell Restoration

Photographs by Harry Channon 









Altar Bell Bell




Restoration work

This is an on-going task in any beautiful building.  A lot of hard work and money go into keeping the church in good order and sound condition for future generations to enjoy.  Nearly all the money is raised locally and it is down to people’s generosity that these projects have been completed.  In addition, charitable organisations have generously assisted in the fundraising and are mentioned on this page.

To give some examples of the work carried out over the last few years:
Restoration of the hatchments in the bell tower, Repairs to lead valley on roof (with help from Devon Historic Churches Trust), Refurbishment of organ (with help from The Landfill Trust), Window repairs, Stonework repairs, Electrical work

Link to Churches 4 All Website

This link showcases some of Devon's lovely churches:


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