Updated February 2018




On this page you will find a statment of purpose, a map showing the areas we cover, points of contact, links to useful websites and details of the latest parish wide appeals we have made.

Our aim is to provide support to our community, helping one another stay safe and to ensure Talaton remains an extremely low crime area. With police resources so thinly spread, we believe with everyone looking out for one another we may be able to prevent repeat incidents.

Below is a map which should help you identify who is co-ordinating your part of the parish, they are your first port of call. If you farm anywhere within the parish you will have a dedicated co-ordinator.


 nhw map


The current list of co-ordinators is; 

Andrea Down Farm co-ordinator Tel 01404 823 042

Jan/Andy May Central Talaton Inn to Harris Farm, up to The Forge House and back to the Inn Tel 01404 822 526

Graham Rooms Woodmans Orchard and Orchard Hill Tel 07946 755 810

Jan/Andy May West end Stoney Court to Lower Westcott Farm TALATONNHW@GMAIL.COM Tel 01404 822 526

Chris Harwood The Moor Talaton House to Laurel Cottage Tel 01404 822 143

Jenny/Gordon Pring  Newtown  Moorhayes Court to Railway Cottages Tel 01404 823 222

Sarah/Laurence Wood   Lashbrook Rd  Rydon Farm to Ivy Cottages Tel 07756 957 452

Philip Higginson   Talewater  Talewater Hill farm to river Tale Tel 01404 850 758

Bob Abraham   Escot  Beacon Cottages to Fairmile Tel 01404 823 347

Peppi Shaw  Larkbeare  Beacon Cross to Larkbeare Grange Tel 01404 822 482

A major purpose of the scheme is to forward relevant information regarding crime in our area as it is received from the police. If we receive requests from people in the parish we will provide them with advice such as who to contact within the police for reporting crime, investigation updates or crime prevention advice, what sort of information the police need to take further action. If a victim asks us for it, the scheme will notify the Parish about their crime and ask if you saw anything relevant or to keep a watch out for repeat incidents. We will also keep you updated with local crime trends, appeals and policing priorities.

We hope you have already told your local co-ordinator of you’d like to be part of this scheme. Please be assured we are not asking you to do anything extra, just look out for one another as you already do. By giving us your phone number and email we can let you know about important local issues. Your data will only be used for Neighbourhood Watch purposes and won’t be passed on. If your contact details change or you move away please also let your co-ordinator know. 


Please click here for a link to our local Ottery Rural policing team page showing their news, priorities and officers.

Please click here for a link to the Devon & Cornwall police web site for various means of making contact with them including the option to report crime.

Please click here for a link to the south west regional victim care unit.

Please click here for a link to the national Neighbourhood Watch knowledge base containing useful crime prevention advice.

Please click here for a link to the Crime Stoppers web site where you can provide information anonymously about crime, view wanted criminals and obtain crime preventation advice.

Please click here  here for a link to the Action Fraud web site where you can report fraud and cyber crime as well as pick up useful advice on recent scams and online safety tips.

Please click here for a link to the Fundraising Regulator. Here you will find the rules covering door to door sellers and the means to complain about those who are not following those rules. Alternatively ring 0300 999 3407. National neighbourhood watch web site also has advice on door step callers which can be accessed here.


Latest parish wide appeals from the Talaton Neighbourhood Watch


Dec 2017. Message from Action Fraud passed onto local farmers notifying them of potential risk associated with Common Agricultural Policy payments due around December. There have been incidents of fraudsters trying to con farmers into providing their bank details to divert their farmers grant into a "safe account" then stealing said money. For further details click on the action fraud link above.

Jan 2018. Message from Devon & Cornwall police notifying parents and teachers about a new process for informing schools quickly about children that have come to notice. This is espescially aimed at children who are witness to domestic violence and may need additional support and understanding at school. Further details can be found under Encompass on the D&C police web page link above dated 09/01/2018.

Jan 2018.  New procedures announced by Devon & Cornwall police  to encourage reporting of livestock worrying and attacks. Message circulated by farmers co-ordinator.

Jan 2018. Telephone scam alert. Some unfortunates have been conned by scam callers pretending to be from the HMRC and falsely demanding payment. Further details can be found by clicking on the action fraud link above.

Feb 2018. Door to door collector without ID claiming to be collecting on behalf of the homeless in Nottingham. It is possible this is not a bonefide collector and residents asked to be aware of the rules those collecting in this manner must follow. Link added above for the Fundraising Regulator including the means to make a complaint.

Please let your local co-ordinator know if you would find further information on this page helpful.