Broadband Project

Site Updated 26th September 2016

Dear Resident
The Talaton Broadband Committee (TBC) are aware that some residents have been experiencing problems with the electronic Subscription Form that was sent out last Saturday.  To overcome this we have agreed the following options with Voneus:
·Use the updated form attached but open this up in Acrobat Reader and not through your browser.  This should ensure it functions correctly. 
·Send an email to myself to declare your commitment to a contract.  I will then forward your address and voucher code details to Voneus to validate your commitment. 
Don’t forget, if you want to qualify for the discounted rates you need to commit to a contract before the 30th Sept or 21st Oct.  If you have decided not to sign up to a new contract then please let us know and we will remove your details from our contact list.
We strongly urge residents who are is still unclear about the new network or contracts to contact a member of the TBC to discuss in more detail. 
Please note, all relevant broadband documents have now been published on the Parish Council Website.
Kind regards
On behalf of the Talaton Broadband Committee

Dear Resident

Firstly, may I thank you on behalf of the Talaton Broadband Committee (TBC) for your amazing support at last night’s presentation event.  Whilst we were hoping for a good response we never envisaged such an amazing turnout.  It proved beyond doubt that residents are serious about improving their broadband and consider it a very important issue.

As promised, and for the benefit of residents that were unable to attend the event, I have attached the presentation in PDF format and associated documents, including the Terms & Conditions (T&C), Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the Contract Subscription Form.  I have also added a coverage map which shows the areas that will be included in the initial rollout.  Please take time to review these documents, especially the T&C and SLA to ensure you understand the contract arrangements. 

Residents who want to sign up to a contract and have not yet completed a subscription form will need to complete and submit the electronic version attached.  Please remember this needs to be completed by the deadline dates in order to qualify for the discounted tariffs.  We hope to be able to inform residents before the 21st October as to whether we have achieved the commercially viable (65 contracts) and discounted threshold (90 contracts) so please complete and submit the subscription form before this date.

As highlighted, the TBC have completed their part in this process and it will now be left to Voneus (pronounced vo-nay-us) to deliver and maintain the service they have promised.  They have provided us with a professional and committed service to date and we are positive they will continue to do so in the future.  With this in mind please direct any future contract or service communications to and any technical queries to  For a full list of company contacts please visit their website and click on the ‘about us – our team’ link.

For residents who have concerns over the new network or simply would like to know more about how it functions then please view this linked article

I hope the attached documents provide you with sufficient information to commit to a contract.

Kind Regards
Graham Rooms
On behalf of the Talaton Broadband Committee

P.S.  Please let us know when you have committed to a contract so we can keep track of numbers

The following links provide vital information for those wishing to join the scheme . Please read carefully and refer to the TBC for further help. 
Outline of the Presentation on 9th September
Details of Service 
Service Level Agreement
Terms and Conditions
Customer Subscription Form

Dear Resident
Apologies for contacting you again, but I am just following up on the email I sent this morning to clarify a couple of questions that have been received regarding the proposed network and associated contracts.
At present, most residents will be paying a telecom bill that is divided into three parts.  These include a line rental cost, a phone package cost (i.e. evening or weekends calls, anytime calls etc) and a broadband package, which may have an unlimited or capped data allowance.  The above services are supplied through various providers who offer introductory and line rental discounts to influence customers to join them (i.e. TalkTalk, BT, Plusnet, Sky, etc).  In all cases the broadband speed you currently receive is dictated by the copper line infrastructure we have in our community and not by the provider.  In other words, none of them can provide you with a faster speed than another, albeit, they will tell you they can.
The broadband network we are planning is completely separate from the mainstream infrastructure and therefore the speeds we will receive will be up to 100 x better than our current service and 4 x faster than superfast broadband that is available in mainstream areas.  
It is important to recognise the contract details I shared in my earlier communication was for a broadband service only and not for a complete telecom package.  However, that said, there will be a couple of options for residents to consider following their commitment to a new contract and once the network has been built, those being:
·Cancel the broadband part of your current telecom agreement, but keep your existing landline and line rental arrangement·Sign up for the additional provision of a VoIP telephone service.  This is a phone service delivered through the internet instead of through a landline.  The cost for this through our recommended provider is £11.99 per month, which includes free calls to residents using the same network and standard rate charges to any other numbers.  As this is through the internet there is no line rental charge.  If you decide on this option there would be no reason to continue with your current telecom arrangements.  The obvious benefit of this option would be that your monthly bill for a phone and broadband service through the new network, without call charges, would be £23.24 for residents with the Essential package and £28.49 for residents with the Freedom package, not forgetting the biggest benefit of receiving up to 100Mbps download/upload speeds instead of 0.5Mbps.As communicated, we are planning a presentation on 9th September where we will communicate details of the network and contracts and be more than happy to assist residents with their personal setup and requirements.
I hope this information assists with your decision as to whether you will commit to one of the network contracts. 

We look forward to receiving your responses to the commitment question that was requested in my previous email.

Kind regards
Graham Rooms